Video: Calle 13's "Baile de los Pobres" directed by Diego Luna

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UPDATE: Watch the entire video (black bars over genitalia) below.

Back in August a rather suspicious picture popped up on Facebook, showing Residente of Calle 13 and Diego Luna paling around. We then found out that Diego Luna himself would be directing the guys in “Baile de los Pobres,” one of the highlights from Calle 13’s 2010 release Entren los que quieran and the follow up to the first single “Calma Pueblo.” We have a sneak peek below of the video, which will premiere on Friday on MTV Tr3s and MTVLA. It’s a pretty, um (cough), meaty clip. I guess Diego Luna decided to continue the nude streak on this one, since some dude who looks like Residente and his junk are front and center in this one snippet. No objections here. Just sayin’…

Also check out pics of los amigos below from their press conference in LA this week, as well as the 20-second clip of “Baile de los Pobres,” directed by Diego Luna in the Santa Fe barrio in Mexico City.

Photo credit: Jesus Jimenez.