Video: Calle 13 – "La Vuelta al Mundo"

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Update:  Video below is now the official release!

These guys were pretty sneaky about this video release, because it wasn’t appearing on their super active social media pages when it first leaked a few hours ago. It was actually last night when I got off the subway and as I was walking home, “La Vuelta al Mundo” shuffled next in my iPod. My thoughts immediately focused on the gorgeous harmonies and transported inside the mind of Residente. Then I wondered when we’d hear of another official release, since their previous video was done last November.

I very much respect Calle 13, who I compare to as close as Manu Chao. Even though both groups can be forcefully squeezed within a certain category or genre, the reality is that they break borders. They move across freely connecting to a global audience, and bring musical influences from all four corners connecting in this universal language called music.

In collaboration with Argentine film directors Juan José Campenella and Camilo Antolini, the video, who only features Residente of Calle 13, tells the story of two business people — staring his lady, actress/model Soledad Fandiño and actor/director Juan Minujin — who decide to escape the stressful world of meat space/corporate life, and dive into a world of fantasy. When the big boss catches them having a blast, the lead character confronts him as the other coworkers cheer, and walks away with his beautiful colleague.

[insert-video youtube=v_zZmsFZDaM]

Download Calle 13’s Entren los Que Quieran below: