Free Download: Calle 13 and Mars Volta's "Calma Pueblo"

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This gives me the tingles. Yesterday we gave you Calle 13’s teaser video for their upcoming album, set to be released in October. Now the Rican duo gives us this: “Calma Pueblo,” an advance track from the album just recently recorded with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, co-brain of The Mars Volta and boy toy to Ximena Sariñana, and Argentina’s go-to musician for hire, Fernando Samalea (Gustavo Cerati, Robi Draco, etc.). And by recently recorded we mean Calle 13 finished this sucker up this morning.

So download Calle 13’s “Calma Pueblo” for FREE, fresh from el horno. It’s angry and hard and super Mars Volta-y and badass and pretty much awesome!