Exclusive Listen: Calle 13's "Muerte en Hawaii," "Todo se mueve" & "El Hormiguero"

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Third time’s a charm, so if you haven’t been loving what you’ve heard so far from Calle 13’s upcoming album Entren Los Que Quieran, well then don’t fret, you just might be in luck today. Listen to “Muerte in Hawaii,” which kind of sounds like a Jason Mraz song if Jason Mraz were, you know, cool. Then the hyperactive “Todo se mueve,” followed by the guitar-backed “El Hormiguero.” Is it me or is there a pattern here? Cutesy to dancey to badass. Either way, there might be something for everyone.

We’re not done schooling you on anything and everything Entren Los Que Quieran, so report back soon for more Calle 13 and in the meantime, listen to the three tracks from last week.