Canyon Cody's Morning Kickstart: A Playlist to Wake You Up

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At Remezcla, we provide a platform to discover and discuss the latest and greatest sounds created by emerging Latin artists and DJs. But music-makers are music-fans too, and we rarely get to ask what they’re listening to.

That’s where the Morning Kickstart comes in, playlists curated by some of our favorite DJs, where they share the tracks that get them moving in the morning.

They’ll get you moving, too.

Canyon Cody is one of the masterminds behind LA’s Subsuelo party, a “global bass” affair that borrows percussion from around the world and smashes it all together into one monthly night of nonstop motion. As the party grew, more DJs came to the mix, but Canyon has been a constant, guiding the Subsuelo ship. Here are Canyon’s recommendations to get you started in the AM:

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