Video: Capri's Michael Jackson Tribute

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It’s been over a year since the King of Pop’s death, and tributes keep piling up. This time it’s by Argentina’s electro-pop wonderboy Capri, who’s obsession with the youngest of the Jackson 5 has been already palpable in his previous work (the remarkable Mamma Killer Night of 2004) through the selection of some pretty obvious samples.

Michael Forever” is Capri’s homage to his (and many other’s) idol, but surprisingly he decided to pay tribute to the king through the images of the video (officially released yesterday on YouTube) instead of the lyrics of the song or the selection of samples. In fact, outside from the title, the song doesn’t resemble Michael Jackson at all, at least superficially. Still, it’s a great and very stylish video and it’s quite refreshing to see Capri fronting a rock band and going for an indie-pop sound when he’s most well known for doing dance-floor-oriented, funky-techno tunes.

The song is included in a digitally released maxi-single of the same title, along with three versions of his previous single “Europa Europa,” both included in his latest album Discotape.

Watch Capri’s MJ-centric video below.