Cápsula "Communicates" '70s Glam Rock

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Why were the ’70s so great? Why is it that we keep revisiting that decade? Why is it that most of the modern music genres we play today were conceived during those years? Some people dare to blame that decade’s creative apogee to the abundance (and purity) of hallucinogenic drugs. I don’t know.

Whatever it may be, more than three decades later, the ’70s keep inspiring people like Cápsula to recreate that raw state of psychedelic garage rock and pay tribute to the architects of androgenic glam and fuzzy nihilism: David Bowie, The Stooges, Lou Reed, etc. The band also derived their band name from Bowie’s track “Space Oddity” for its “Now it’s time to leave the capsule if you dare” lyrics.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and emerging during the late-’90s, the power trio relocated to Bilbao in the Spanish’s Basque Country and from there, they’re now bringing their trip-inducing rock to the US for a west coast tour starting in mid October (dates below). Most of their repertoire is in English, but language barely matters here, it’s the guitar and not the lyrics where the focus of the attention should be. Still, their cover of Sumo’s classic “Mejor no hablar de ciertas cosas” is exquisite (even though, hey, that track’s from the ’80s).

Download “Communication” from Cápsula’s latest album In the Land of Silver Souls:

Communication – By Cápsula


Oct. 15h – Los Angeles, CA (Echo Park) @ Origami Vinyl
Oct. 17th – Los Angeles, CA (West Hollywood) @ Amplify
Oct. 18th – San Francisco, CA @ Brick & Mortar Music Hall
Oct. 19th – Sacramento, CA @ Twinhouse Lounge
Oct. 21st – Portland, OR @ Tonic Lounge
Oct. 22nd – Seattle, WA @ City Arts Festival / Comet Tavern