Free Download: Caravana's FULL Album (Limited Time Only!)

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April is a generous month. Tax refunds. Spring bloom. Coachella. Vive Latino. And more importantly, FREE music all around. On Monday, we released our April Playlist, Retoño, 10 FREE tracks of newness. Today, we have more new música gratis (10 more to be exact) in the form of Caravana, Rodrigo Santis’ (of Congelador and Paranormal) new project via Chilean label Quemasucabeza.

But you can only download the self-titled album for free during the month of April over at Quemasucabeza’s site, so snag it right away to experience Santis’ gorgeously composed songs, ripe with evocative lyrics and plenty of guests: Gepe, Gretchen Schadebrodt, Felicia Morales, Pedropiedra, and Fernando Milagros. Caravana in a way sounds like shadows. It has a darker tendency, fit for dim lighting and introspection. The Iron & Wine comparisons will surface but Caravana will still feel genuine, its own entity.

Download Caravana’s self-titled album in full over at Quemasucabeza now before April expires. And stay tuned for the Quemasucabeza installment of El Mix, coming soon this month.