There Could be a Cardi B & Anitta Collab In the Works & We’re Here For It

Lead Photo: Collage by Alan López for Remezcla
Collage by Alan López for Remezcla
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Collabs and remixes are now quite predictable – particularly in urbano– as they consist of the same group of people (read: men), and have more often than not become, frankly, a bore. Few pairings ignite excitement anymore, but one thing we could all bear more of in the last four and a half months left of the year is a slight uptick in women duos, albeit a temporary jawn. Whether that be on hybrid tracks or joint tours, I’m gonna need a little more intentionality. Need I remind you of Kali Uchis’ and Jorja Smith’s perfect run? Luckily, Kulture’s mom and Brazil’s funk superstar ‘tan puesta pa’ la misión.

A few weeks ago, Cardi B said she would “love to” work with Anitta after a fan nudged her during one of her famous Instagram Live sessions. Anitta, perhaps the most well-known artist at home, yet still in relatively early stages of more widespread recognition in the rest of Latin America and even more so in the Anglo market, was beside herself after hearing the news. In true “prepare for the life you want” style, she had the skeleton track for them on deck:

Cardi agreed, on one condition:

Less than a month later, the two met IRL and were potentially at the studio together at some point within the past 24 hours:

Something strong is brewing, and I can hear it from here. The Portuguese portion of the caption roughly reads “Hey, Brazil, the funk car is gonna keep growing, good morning.” Good morning, indeed. In the past, Cardi B has expressed interest in other less visible genres, and produced some of her best work on non-English tracks. Funk carioca’s global reach is spreading and this will only further its impact. Still, it should be noted that they may take a turn on Safe Street here with a blend of their sounds, or more traditional approach altogether. “Daysssss working on the perfect match of Brazil + gringos + Latins,” Anitta wrote in an Instastory hours before uploading their photo together, “and WE… FUCKIN…. GOT IITTT.” Either way, let’s hear it.