WATCH: Cardi B Fangirls After Meeting Robert Pattinson

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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How do you make a Grammy Award-winning rapper feel like a lovestruck teenager in only a few seconds? Introduce her to movie star Rob Pattinson.

That’s what recently happened to artist Cardi B when she met Pattinson last Thursday (November 4) at a British Vogue event in Beverly Hills. Cardi posted a video of the interaction with Pattinson on social media with the words, “Look who I met the other day! I felt like a teen!”

In the video, Cardi is seen in an all-black outfit with long black nails fixing her hair and smiling ear to ear into the phone camera. “Come on. Look at my friend, guys,” Cardi says to the camera before Pattinson appears in the frame.

Cardi then screams while the Hollywood star stands beside her and then sticks out his tongue at the camera before the 5-second clip ends.

Twitter users were quick to respond, reminding Cardi that she might’ve predicted their encounter this summer when she admitted to a kinky fantasy that happened in The Twilight Saga – a movie franchise that made Pattinson a household name. In the series, Pattinson plays brooding and sparkly vampire Edward Cullen.

Many Cardi fans said that they wished they were in her shoes and were even a bit jealous that she got to meet Pattinson, who will next be seen on the big screen in March 2022 as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the next reboot of the DC Comics franchise, The Batman. We’re going to assume that when the original Twilight hit theaters in November 2008, a then-16-year-old Cardi was the first one in line to buy a ticket.

We’ll wait to see if Cardi makes Pattinson her new Twitter profile pic. She recently changed the image to actor Penn Badgley’s character Joe Goldberg on Netflix’s You. Cardi and Badgley became online friends after Cardi reacted to Badgley referencing her during a Netflix event. Last week, a package came in the mail address to Cardi from Goldberg. In it was a blue cap with the words “Hello, You…,” similar to the one he wears when he stalks people on the show.