Cardi B is spooked. After a virtual one-on-one with former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders last week, Cardi B has been experiencing technical difficulties when going live on Instagram.

The rapper has noticed that ever since her live conversation with Sanders, when jumping online she’s been put on mute, her viewers’ names have been blurred, and there’s been stalling and delays in connection. Cardi thinks there’s something up, and shares with her fans that if “God forbid” anything were to happen to her or her family, it’s because she’s been vocal about politics despite her husband, rapper Offset’s paranoia.

“As long as I’ve been doing my live, when did that ever happened? As long as I’ve been on live, how long has this been happening? Never. Now all of a sudden my Live is going on mute,” she shares.

“I don’t know. I’m freaking out. I’m freaking out. I’m freaking out a little bit because my husband really don’t like when I talk about politics. He hates that so much because he just be getting so paranoid… because all of a sudden my Instagram is being blurry and it’s going on mute out of nowhere, and I put that on my kid. In the name of the Christ, that I’m not lying… the name of the lord. I put that on my child that I’m not lying. That’s just very weird to me, and I swear. So, God forbid… God forbid something happens to me or one of my family members, I’m gonna let y’all know and y’all gonna know who… why is that. It’s so funny. It’s so weird. Shit’s so weird. Why all of sudden after I went on Live with this man [Sanders], all of a sudden my shit is going on mute.”

After sharing her thoughts, Cardi B is then seen enjoying a juicy mango while listening to “Medley Da Gaiola (Dennis DJ Remix)” by Dennis DJ & MC Kevin O Chris.

Let’s hope these technical difficulties are just that!