Recently, there’s been an unfortunate increase in reporting around the deaths of some American tourists in the Dominican Republic. Some have speculated that the deaths were caused by tainted liquor supplies at the various all-inclusive resorts that many tourists frequent.

However, according to the U.S. State Department, there has been no increase in incidents involving the deaths of American tourists in the D.R., and statistically speaking, you’d be more likely to die if you stayed home.

And various artists, including Cardi B have taken to social media to defend the Dominican Republic. In an Instagram live video, the “Press” rapper went off about the undue bad press Quisqueya has been receiving. She said: “What is it that’s happening? I don’t know. If it’s you know, bad press I don’t know what’s happening but what I do know is that the Dominican Republic is the most wonderful country and People have fun regardless. Even the most unfortunate have fun in the Dominican Republic. So it hurts me a lot when people say ‘That country is bad. That country this and that. Look what’s happening.’”

Others like Fefita La Grande and Arcangel have also voiced their support for the Dominican Republic.

Do you think the news media is overreacting?