Here’s a new addition to the myriad coronavirus conspiracy theories: Celebrities are getting paid to say they’ve contracted the virus. So speculates Cardi B who, of course, is probably joking.

A live on Instagram this weekend went from karaoke with J Balvin and gushing over his new album to “freaking out” about the possible implementation of martial law in the U.S. Her worry is unfounded, according to U.S. Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper. Still, the rumor persists.

Cardi’s concern that celebs are being paid to publicly state they’ve tested positive for the virus is only kind of new, though. Some folks are connecting illuminati theories to Tom Hanks’ positive test disclosure about two weeks ago.

Cardi’s gripe, though, is that if celebrities are getting paid, she wants in: “Pay me too! Okay? ‘Cause I’m trying to get paid,” she asserts—with a laugh.

A serious point is made, though, in her noting the confusion resulting from some Covid-19 positive celebrities who aren’t showing symptoms. “How am I supposed to know that I have the coronavirus?” she questions. “Tell me what it is and what it ain’t.”

Info from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that coronavirus disease symptoms are often mild, and not life-threatening. (More info on what to do if you feel sick here.)

Later in the live she brings in activist and Women’s March co-president Tamika D. Mallory; Cardi has been looking to her, Shaun King and Charlamagne (tha God) for answers throughout this pandemic.

“But I don’t even want you to put some answers,” Cardi tells Mallory. “‘Cause at the end of the day, these motherfuckers is up to something, and I don’t want them looking for you.”

We don’t know if Cardi’s onto something or not, but most folks are least on the same page as Cardi’s other coronavirus announcement, now songified and memefied hundreds, if not thousands, of times over: “Shit is getting real!