Free Download: Carla Morrison – "Déjenme Llorar" (ft. Nina Diaz) & "Hasta La Piel" (ft. Teri Gender Bender)

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Looks like Carla Morrison has teamed up with my favorite San Antonio rocker, Nina Diaz of Girl in a Coma. On the tippy toes of that Gepe/Anwandter duet, these two lovely ladies have also teamed up with Le Butcherettes singer, Teri Gender Bender. This triumphant trio hit an LA studio earlier this week to re-record versions of “Déjenme Llorar” and “Hasta la Piel.” Since Carla JUST WON a Latin Grammy yesterday, she seems to be unstoppable. I think this collaboration is magical, and if you’re not a fan of Nina or Teri yet, you better join the bandwagon. Although some might prefer the original versions of these two tracks, this take offers up a somber note to an already stellar song. Much has been written about Morrison and Diaz, but it’s Bender’s career that offers a pleasant surprises. Her collaborations with Omar-Rodríguez-López and Deantoni Parks makes for an interesting contrast to the soft and frilly affects of this work with two of my favorite divas. Teri is a staunch feminists from stage actor parents, so it’s no surprise she’s found a place along side these fellow heroines of social change.

Download both versions of Carla Morrison’s “Déjenme Llorar” feat. Nina Diaz and “Hasta La Piel” feat. Teri Gender Bender for FREE, courtesy of PanameriKa: