Video: Carla Morrison – "Eres Tú"

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This past August LGBTQ rights organizers across the world celebrated the triumphant addition of Mexico as one of the elite few countries in the entire world to recognize the validity, sanctity, and importance of same-sex marriage. According to CNN-México, the short list includes Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Argentina, making México the 11th. That’s right, boys and girls, only three nations this side of the Atlantic recognize the basic rights of your queer fam to enjoy, what the New York Times notes as, “alimony payments, inheritance rights, and the coverage of spouses by the federal social security system, which provides health and pension benefits to most of México’s working population.”

After the initial ruling in favor of same-sex unions, which forced all states in the republic to recognize these marriages, was declared by the Supreme Court, a dangling question remained: What about adoption rights? Later that month, the courts ruled to protect the human rights of not only queer couples with children, but also the right of Mexican children to have a loving family, regardless of the sexual orientation of the adopting couple. Despite the conservative rightwing, Catholic leaning, surrounding states’ ambitions toward prejudicial discrimination, we can look to México as a sign of hope for progressive change in the world, even if some intellectuals partial to queer theory question the ideological function of marriage as a whole.

I seriously cried when I saw this video. It offers a concise, direct, and clear message. I couldn’t hold back the tears and I couldn’t hold back my latent desire to one day spend the rest of my aberrantly happy days with an especially handsome mister. That being said, I want Carla Morrison to plan my big gay wedding, too!

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Download Carla Morrison’s latest album Déjenme Llorar below: