Free Download: Carla Morrison's "Lágrimas" (Future Feelings Remix)

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Carla Morrison has one of those voices that’s at once sweet and sorrowful, soothing and piercing. In her child-like tone, she sings of love and heartbreak with heart-wrenching honesty and pain. But this isn’t eye-roll-inducing-I-have-so-many-feelings, emo vomit, it’s the real deal. If you aren’t crying like a little baby by the end of “Nunca me dejes,” you have no soul. I seriously fear for anyone with dry eyes post any Carla Morrison song.

Her recently released EP, Mientras tú dormías, features that same soft, yet profound melancholy that Morrison established as her trademark with her Aprendiendo a aprender debut. This time around she had the help of her friend Natalia Lafourcade, whose production is quite evident throughout and brings an added dimension to Morrison’s usually sparse arrangements. Mexico City-based, Argentine producer Fernando Dimare aka Future Feelings recently put his own spin on the dark lullaby “Lágrimas,” and turned it into a smoky, almost eerie slow burner to get lost in. There are even some non-kitschy (unlike the ones in Shakira’s “Loba”) ah-oohs in there.

Download Future Feelings’ remix of Carla Morrison’s “Lágrimas” and get to dancing (not crying!).

Main photo by Wendy Martinez.