Video: Carla Morrison's "Yo Sigo Aquí"

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Carla Morrison just got real crazy up in here. And we love it. Her newest video for standout Mientras Tú Dormías track “Yo Sigo Aquí” sees the Mexican songstress’ mouth spotlit in the sexiest, yet most vulnerable way. She breaks free, doing what we all want to do once the percussion in this song kicks in: freak dance like carefree kids. Carla Morrison teeters on disco diva sex appeal in this clip (light bouncing off her red-dye-treated hair and flashy sequined top) and the raw emotion akin to this very-very-raw song. It’s the perfect minimalist video to accompany such a complex track: at once flashy and wild, as it is simple and intimate.

Also, her eyes look like rainbows. Wonderful wonderful rainbows.

Watch Carla Morrison’s “Yo Sigo Aquí” music video off the Natalia Lafourcade-produced EP Mientras Tú Dormías (via AOL Música).