Cash Flow: Help Fantasmes record their 12” EP [P.R.]

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There’s no doubt that Fantasmes has become an integral part of the Puerto Rican indie rock scene, as one of the most prolific bands around. This super talented group of musicians has produced some of the best music to come out of San Juan in the past few years, but they’ve also helped other musicians along the way by establishing Casa Fantasmes in the heart of Santurce. In a short period of time, Casa Fantasmes has become a safe haven for bands to write, produce, and record their music at a reasonable cost. Echoing the efforts of many artists in the scene, what Fantasmes is doing is not only a labor of intense love, but also an incredible attempt to fill the void for workers in the island’s cultural industry.

Now, Fantasmes is asking for our help to record their 12” EP, set to be released in February 2014. If you’ve heard their music, you know that their amazing take on alt and folk rock has garnered them a lot of attention on the island and beyond, particularly with their last album, Redness Moon. You also know the quality of their work, the time and effort they put into composing and writing every song, and that their yet-to-be-titled 2014 EP is a guaranteed killer. If you haven’t heard it, you need to go do that right now.

According to their Indiegogo page, your money will go to support them through the recording process, which will take roughly two months. All of these guys have minimum-wage day jobs that take up most of their time, so you’ll be helping them take a break from that torture to create some Art for the rest of us to enjoy. Even better, you’ll help further the labor Casa Fantasmes provides for other musicians in the scene.

As with any other fan-funded project, there are perks, which include: early copies of the EP, autographed show posters designed by the Casa Fantasmes artists, a “family portrait” (into which you can be Photoshopped if you’re outside of Puerto Rico), entrances to their shows, band t-shirts, a jam session with the band, a date with the band, a private show, and, even better, unlimited high fives. What more can you ask for?

Head over to their Indiegogo to check out their project. For further proof of greatness, watch their newest video below, a live recording of “Bare Bones,” one of the tracks to be featured on the upcoming EP.

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