Cash Flow: Help Find Honduras’ Underground Drug Ballad Band

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image: NYTexaminer

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Back in 2010, Remezcla wrote about the exploitive Mexican Art of Narco Corridos. In other words, rancheros hauling around guns and making campy videos celebrating the excesses of  criminal lifestyle. Head further south and you’ll encounter ‘Narco Rancheras,’ music that can only be found through the nitty-gritty grapevine of Central America with no budget for even a guerrilla-style Youtube video. Passed through the backyards and streets of small pueblos, what residents call ‘música típica’ tells the harrowing truth of everyday life in Honduras. With it’s 400 mile long border of the Caribbean sea and 87% of all US bound cocaine flights making stops there, Honduras has become a major hub of drug trade, violence, gang wars and the number one murder capital of the world.

Yet despite most laws being obsolete, journalists afraid to utter names of drug lords and natives living in everyday fear, Los Plebes de Olancho are creating intimate portraits of kingpin rivalries and the resulting cocaine culture through song. Filmmakers Chris Valdes and Ted Griswold are hoping to travel to Honduras and track down the countries most infamous drug-ballad band, exposing the injustices and endurance of the Honduran people along the way.

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With your help, the team behind ‘The Sound of Sangre’ will be able to share the truth of our effect on Honduras. Writer, producer, director and editor, Jeff Consiglio, who was attached to the Oscar winning documentary short ‘Inocente’ is serving as a creative mentor to the film, so rest assured, these passionate filmmakers are in good hands.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign to see how you can help!