Cashflow: Help DJ Asho Explore Cuba's Musical Roots [CUB]

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Ariel Fernández-Díaz, also known as DJ Asho, loves his vinyl records. Coming from a hip-hop background, Asho was intimately involved in the formative years of the Cuban rap scene—anybody that ever rapped in Cuba knows his name.
In this new project, however, he’s focusing on the rich roots of Cuban music, dialing back to a time way before rap made it to the island.

A coffee table book and a documentary are the goals of this ambitious project that aims to celebrate and document the immensely important cultural heritage of Egrem, post-revolution Cuba’s only record label.

Rather than just browsing through his own extensive vinyl collection and reading the liner notes, Ariel hopes to gather enough funds to travel back to his homeland and interview the people involved in the legendary label. To accomplish this he needs help from you, generous music lovers from around the world.

Check out the video and the indiegogo campaign page for more information.

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