Cashflow: Help Pistolera's Ani Cordero Fund Her Solo Album 'Recordar'

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Acclaimed Puerto Rican-born, NYC-based musician Ani Cordero has used her talents to collaborate with some of the top artists in the Latin world, notably her rock band Pistolera (with Sandra Lilia Velásquez) – she’s even toured and played with the legendary Brazilian psych band, Os Mutantes.  After she met Mutantes’ lead singer, Sergio Dias, she told him about her idea to record an album to reinterpret 11 classic Latin American songs from the the 1930s-1970s, all of which provided an impetus for social change.

Dias immediately signed on to help her on her venture, and she quickly enlisted collaborations with her musician friends and colleagues, all inspired by her desire to introduce this music to a new audience. In the political climate of late, songs by Victor Jara, Ali Primera, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Chavela Vargas, and Os Mutantes continue to remain as relevant as they were decades ago.

Of her inspiration, Ani says, “One day I heard a song that made my nerves tremble and my hair stand on end. It was Piero, an Argentinian crooner from the late 60’s. I asked my mom if she knew of Piero. Mami said, “Don’t you remember? I played that Piero record all day and night when you were little.” I wrote to Piero, we became friends- and it was like a magic door was opened to a whole world of music from the past that felt familiar and urgent, no matter what language you speak. This is how I started collecting songs for ‘Recordar.’ The songs that my body remembered.”

This marks the first album Ani is releasing an album without support from a label, so she needs you, the lovers of music and change, to get these songs heard. A few days ago, her Kickstarter campaign just reached its goal, but it doesn’t have to end there. You can win a variety of one-of-a-kind prizes for your donations plus, really assure that she can share and celebrate the beautiful history of Latin America and the Caribbean through the words of those who fought before us.