Catching Up With DJ Canyon Cody, the Sound of LA’s Subsuelo Crew

Concā, the world’s first vodka Panamericano, launched in Los Angeles in June, giving us a preview of its unique flavor – a blend distilled from North American corn vodka and sugarcane vodka from Veracruz. They’ve since partnered with some of LA’s creative movers and shakers – in fields as diverse as film, food, mixology, music and art – for a video series called “Stories Con Carácter,” which takes a look at their creative process and how they’re contributing to LA’s scene.

In the last episode of their series, they caught up with LA native DJ Canyon Cody. Canyon is a multi-hyphenate known for a lot of things: DJ, producer, party-thrower, and A&R – but perhaps he’s most recognized for his dance party Subsuelo. Subsuelo started as a house party, but it quickly evolved into a sound – the sound of bicultural Angelenos who don’t bat an eyelash when Drake gets faded into a salsa track followed by Los Tigres del Norte song and maybe a little Smashing Pumpkins for good measure. It’s a sound that thrives online, but is still finding homes in IRL spaces, and the success of Subsuelo is proof that more of those spaces are needed.

Watch to hear more about Canyon’s musical approach and how to make his signature Concā cocktail, the “Concanyon”.