Remember Bad Bunny’s rumored flame, Argentine trapera Cazzu? Well, the 26-year-old — whose real name is Julieta Cazzuchelli — has essentially confirmed their relationship more than a year later. But we only know this after watching a particularly awkward interview that took place last month in the Dominican Republic at Cap Cana’s beachfront Paradise Festival, where the interviewer just doesn’t seem to get all of the hints that Cazzu so generously dropped. It’s both frustrating and hilarious.

Boricua social media comedian Jorge ‘Molusco’ Pabón put the interview on blast recently, joking on IGTV about the interviewer’s inability to pick up on Cazzu’s confession. And in case there’s still any room for confusion, he breaks down out every suggestive moment offered by the trapera in the video. Showing clips from the full interview, which you can watch below, Molusco’s IGTV lets us know that Cazzu and Bad Bunny were definitely friends. Good friends.

As in, good friends who “shared some moments together, in the moments where they were meant to happen,” Cazzu said in the included clip.  She closed off her clue with a smirk and a casual “y ya,” and as Molusco reminds us, everyone knows that when someone says “that’s it,” they’re only trying to spare us the real details.

What’s worse: Interviewer Eric Tirin didn’t just miss this hint — he missed several, causing him to repeatedly prod Cazzu for an answer she’d already given him. The first time he asked her about her rumored relationship with Bad Bunny, she already explained what exactly went down that time she and the urbano star locked lips on stage.

“We met on stage practically, because there wasn’t time to meet before the show, [but] it was kind of natural … and I don’t know really what happened, and it was all very weird, and we practically forgot that there were 8,000 people in front of us,” she said of their kiss. “But yeah, nothing really. We had good energy and… We became friends. Good friends.”

Yep. Good friends who kiss each other on stage and spend special moments together. That kind of friend. At least we hear you, Cazzu.