Free Download: Ceci Bastida's "Canta el río" (Uproot Andy/Outernational Remix)

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There’s no doubt that Ceci Bastida’s Veo La Marea is one of the best of the year. It’s a super fearless, first-out solo album for someone who’s been in the biz as long as she has (she started with Tijuano NO! when she was 15!). We couldn’t stop listening to her “Empieza a Amanecer” collab with Niña Dioz, or the kind-of-unhinged, Sabbo-mixed “Ellos Dicen” (which we featured on our Jaloguin Playlist), and clearly the Latin Grammys agreed with “Cuando Vuelvas a Caer.” Now our homie Uproot Andy has some Ceci up his sleeves, remixing “Canta el río” alongside Outernational for her upcoming remix EP of Veo La Marea.

The original is a longing-themed slower jam than her Niña Dioz track, but Uproot Andy turns up the cumbia on it a bit, also adding in edgier guitar riffs, making it sound like a rock en español track…only good. We promise.

Download Uproot Andy and Outernational’s take on Ceci Bastida’s “Canta el río,” and cop the album (finally out in the US as of this week!) at

Ceci Bastida’s “Canta El Río” (Uproot Andy Outernational Remix)