Charly García Claims Bruno Mars Owes Him $2 Million for Stealing “Uptown Funk”

Lead Photo: Creative Commons "Charly 80s” is licensed under CC BY 4.0
Creative Commons "Charly 80s” is licensed under CC BY 4.0
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Today in WTF news, in an interview with Billboard Argentina, legendary rock figure Charly García claims that pop superstar Bruno Mars stole his massively popular single “Uptown Funk” from his 1989 song “Fanky.”

In the interview, García argues that Mars copped the bassline and horns from the track off his album Cómo Conseguir Chicas. He even claims that Mars stole his clothes, dance moves, and home, since García was living in Greenwich Village at the time he recorded “Fanky” (The video has shots set in New York). He says Bruno owes him “two million dollars.”

García is notorious for his unstable behavior and outrageous remarks to the press, and a cursory listen to both songs reveals that they have little in common other than their retro funk stylings. It’s not the first time “Uptown Funk” – a track produced by Mark Ronson with Mars on vocals – has suffered from allegations of copyright infringement. As Rolling Stone reported, after complaints from The Gap Band, songwriting credits for members of the 70s ensemble were added, since it was deemed nearly identical to their song “Oops! Upside Your Head.” Trinidad James was credited as another songwriter, since the chorus quotes his most popular song “All Gold Everything.”

A YouTube user, clearly doing god’s work, has created a mashup between “Fanky” and “Uptown Funk.” Far from clearing the air, it makes for a great track to drop during your DJ set. Check both original tracks and the mashup version below.