Free Download: Charly García's "Fanky" (Un Mono Azul Edit)

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One of the funkiest tracks of the golden age of Argentine rock, the suitably named “Fanky” by rock-en-español pioneer Charly García (who’ll be performing this weekend at Vive Latino), has been sadly overlooked by most genre revisionists and doesn’t usually make it into club DJ playlists as often as others of his early dance hits like “Estoy Verde” and “Nos siguen pegando abajo.”

Bastard remixer and mash-up artist extraordinaire Un Mono Azul has come out with a quick fix for that issue: a simple but effective re-edit of the classic, with an added electro beat on top, that should bring the song back to the dancefloors.

For those of you who don’t know him, Argentina’s Un Mono Azul has been loosely linked to the Zizek/nu-cumbia scene through his collaborations with ZZK Records co-founder Villa Diamante, with whom he’s preparing a collection of Argentine rock remixes titled Enciclopedia (we can’t wait!). Some may remember him as the producer who did the best remix (among hundreds, literally) of Bomba Estereo’s “Fuego,” included on the Ponte Bomb EP. Stay tuned for the release of his EP Manimal next week, featuring Bomba’s Li Saumet, Zonora Point, and Lido Pimienta.

Judging by the results obtained with this remix, we can certainly predict more in this same style coming up in the near future. Which classic tune of Argentine ’80s rock would you like to see remixed?

Download Un Mono Azul’s reworking of the soon-to-become Charly García classic “Fanky” here. Listen below.

Photo by Matías Altbach.