Video: Chetes – “Grados Bajo Cero”

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This is getting kinda funny. Here we have Chetes, a.k.a. Luis Gerardo Garza Cisneros out with his new video, “Grados Bajo Cero” featuring none other than Alejandro Rosso of Plastilina Mosh. Both musicians are from Monterrey. And do you know who else is from Monterrey? Apparently every other modern indie Mexican artist that matters. Geographical rant aside, this latest video sees Chetes, Rosso (who plays bass and produced the song), and Chete’s wife playing the tambourine doing their pop-funk-rock thing with their sunglasses-at-night-in-outer-space-and-smoke-machines dance. Musically speaking, “Grados Bajo Cero” has more in common with “Eres Lo Que Piensas” from his last album Hipnosis than with songs like “Querar” or “Como Lo Siento” from his first two albums. Lyrically, it’s still on the same, melancholic page. “Me entregue suficiente, ya no puedo enamorarme. Porque me he hecho inmuno para no decepcionarme,” goes the chorus. Somebody warn Robert Smith!

[insert-video youtube=EIUtT-x7fow]

Download Chetes’ “Grados Bajo Cero” below: