Free Download: Chico Trujillo – "Caleta Vargas"

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I don’t know about you, but this one is right up my alley so I’m super excited. I mean, I love cumbia and 7” vinyl is my favorite format to collect and to play at the parties.

It’s still a total rarity to press music on vinyl (especially Latin music), but there’s definitely been a revival trend going on (vinyl has experimented the biggest growth in the last couple of years since it was falsely declared dead in the early ’90s) thanks to boutique independent labels like New York’s Electric Cowbell, and a handful others, who insists on putting out music exclusively on this cute format.

And if someone seriously deserves the vinyl treatment, it’s Chile’s biggest party band: Chico Trujillo. They’re touring the United States for the next couple of weeks in support of this historic release — put together with the combined efforts of Barbés Records and Electric Cowbell. The single’s Lado A is a typical Trujillo-style sing-along party-igniting cumbia about a sinner guy who’s always running after the single women. The flip-side, offered here as a promotional free track, is a delightful instrumental piece with undeniable chichadelic influences that cumbia connoisseurs will definitely appreciate.

If you’re still not familiar with Chico Trujillo and their unique brand of retro-cumbia with a punk rock attitude, I suggest you catch them live and after the show, go by the merch table and pick up a copy of this. I know for sure I’ll be doing just that, next week, when they come by my neighborhood.



6/13 – Miami,FL – PAX
6/14 – Nueva York,NY – SOB’s
6/16 – Brooklyn, NY – Celebrate Brooklyn w/ Balkan Beat Box
6/17 – Los Angeles,CA – Playboy Jazz Festival @ Hollywood Bowl hosted by Bill Cosby (!!)
6/20 – Santa Cruz, CA – Moe’s Alley
6/21 – Oakland,CA – The New Parrish
6/22 – San Francisco,CA -Sub-Mission
6/24 – Boonville, CA – Sierra Nevada World Music Fest
6/25 – Chicago, IL – Millenium Park de Chicago