Chico Ye Lays Down A Killer Sound

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I sincerely hope these new genres of electrocumbia/cumbia dub/tribal guarachero turn out to be more than a passing, underground fad. While I was never one to put on a hat and dance along to Los Temerarios or Los Tigrillos at family functions, it’s impossible to not get down to the kind of tunes produced by DJ/producers such as Chico Ye.

Ye just released his EP of cumbia dub tunes titled El Sonido Matador with some help from south Texas label Choles Records. The 10-track album sounds like your typical collection of cumbia tracks except there’s added emphasis on the bass as well as some nice reverb and echo effects on the accordion and vocals. Check out “Cumbia de Los Angeles,” “Chica Revoltosa” or “Menea” (all my personal favorites!) to hear what I’m talking about. This isn’t your uncle’s cumbia, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate it just the same.

Nine tracks on El Sonido Matador are available for a free download or, if you’re old-school or a collector type, here’s the link to the portable cassette tape as a limited-edition.

CHICO YE – El Sonido Matador by CHISMOSA_casetes