Video: Chikita Violenta's "Roni"

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This is too great for words. D.F. indie rockers Chikita Violenta just put their newest video out via A.V. Club and It. Is. Wonderful. “Roni” is the best track off their 2010 Dave Newfeld-produced release Tre3s and now it’s the sound of a horror movie in the making. When the video starts you think Chikita Violenta have taken a foray into mumblecore territory (what with the shaky cam, 20-somethings on screen, and documentary-styled scenes) as an old man yells at them for making a mess out of his woods. But then the video takes a stylized turn with a little ginger girl running around in the aforementioned woods. The meta-ness kicks in and you see the band behind the scenes of that same video, putting a giant clawed, black goop of a monster in makeup. The irony: the monster is afraid of little ginger girls. And with reason. This particular little ginger girl ends up going ape shit on the monster, eating its face, and puking its blue-green remnants back up. But she’s not done there…

Watch Chikita Violenta’s horror mocku-docu music video for “Roni” to see what else this little lady is capable of.