Video: Chingo Bling – "Tribal Boom" ft. Dalmata, Erick Rincón (3Ball MTY)

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Houston-based rapper Chingo Bling (née Pedro Herrera III) returns with another Chicano rap/dance classic, this time teaming up with Dalmata and Erick Rincón (of 3Ball MTY) for some bota picuda action with “Tribal Boom.”

In typical Chingo Bling fashion, he drops lines about dancing with ladies and hooking up with ladies…you get the point. The video is directed by Frank Meta Lopez for Compound Films, and focuses on a live show featuring Bling and 3Ball MTY partying with hella cuties and revelers.

There are also shots of Bling dancing in front of a large food truck, which made us wonder what happened to the They Can’t Deport Us All tamale truck of years past. Maybe anti-immigration folks probably got their hands on it and destroyed it? RIP controversial tamale truck.

[insert-video youtube=2ss-ckC2uBg]

Download Chingo Bling’s “Tribal Boom” ft. Dalmata & Erick Rincón below: