Christina Aguilera Joins Becky G, Nicki Nicole & Nathy Peluso for New Track ‘Pa’ Mis Muchachas’

Lead Photo: Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images
Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images
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Superstar Christina Aguilera is releasing a new song this week and fans can’t be more excited. The five-time Grammy Award-winning artist posted about the upcoming track, “Pa’ Mis Muchachas,” on social media Tuesday (October 19) and revealed that it would drop on Friday (October 22).

The new song features Latin Grammy Award-nominated artists Nathy Peluso, Becky G, and Nicki Nicole. This past weekend, the Grammy Award-winning singer also teased what many think is her new album in Spanish.

In her social media post, Aguilera shared a 15-second video featuring two women walking into what could possibly be a Latin club, where smooth guitar music is playing in the background.

Earlier this year, Aguilera told Health magazine that she was working on a second Spanish-language album that she admitted was “about 20 years overdue.” Her first, Mi Reflejo, was released in 2000 and was the follow-up to her debut self-titled album from the previous year.

“I’m a perfectionist and want to give everything my best–especially because of the soul-searching I’ve done over the past year and the new perspective I have,” Aguilera told Health. “I am reinspired and have reconnected with myself. I’ve fallen in love with music all over again, which is a really big thing to say, having spent my entire career in music.”

A release date for any new Aguilera music is still unknown, but fans definitely want it sooner than later. The last album she released was 2018’s Liberation. If her next album ends up being in Spanish, it’ll be a welcomed addition to her discography.

“It’s a big deal right now and it’s really nostalgic and part of my Latin culture and history,” she told Billboard this past summer. “So, this is really, really fun to get into some family roots and explore who I am now as a woman musically. Things are coming from a different approach.”