Christina Aguilera Finally Drops Details About Her Upcoming Spanish-Language Album

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Youtube
Courtesy of Youtube
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During a recent interview with Elle magazine, singer and songwriter Christina Aguilera discussed her upcoming Spanish-language album and revealed that it would be released “in three different chapters” throughout 2022.

“I went to Miami and dove right into the most amazing creative world of writers and musicians and producers,” Aguilera said. “We came out of it with so many amazing songs that I’m going to be releasing it in three different chapters well into the year 2022. It’s just been a complete labor of love.”

The Spanish-language album will be Aguilera’s second since she released Mi Reflejo in September 2000. Aguilar repeated what she’s said before about the new album – that it’s something she’s been wanting to do for the “past 20 plus years,” but there was never a right time until now.

“I recorded my first Spanish album … when I was still in my teens, so still a baby, and it’d been something that I’d wanted to follow up with for a very long time,” she said. “I’m so happy that it actually didn’t come sooner than now because I was really able after the pandemic to dive headfirst into doing it with full time and attention, off of the road, with[out] any other distractions.”

Now a mother, Aguilera said she feels like she’s at a different place as a performer – someone with a “deeper lens and a new perspective,” who is excited to share her family roots with her children. “[I’m] showing them that even though [Spanish] isn’t mommy’s first language, this is a part of your history,” Aguilera said, referencing her Ecuadorian roots. “This is a part of your background.”

Along with introducing her kids to their Latine culture, Aguilera said working on the album has allowed her to make “peace with certain things from my child[hood]” by exploring her past.

“I could cry about it knowing that it’s finally about to be heard by my fans and the world,” she said, adding that her inspiration for the album was late singer Chavela Vargas. “[I’m] getting to dig deeper this time around and from the perspective of a grown woman, who’s had many lessons and different things I’ve learned through the years.”