Video Première: Cineplexx – "Cosas de la Vida Normal"

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As far as musical trends are concerned, I thought we were all going to be trapped in the ’70s for a while, but Bam Bam‘s latest LSD trip and this new video by Argentina via London’s Cineplexx have given me hope. It looks like the ’60s have come back into sonic fashion, but let’s pretend that the return to bell bottoms never occurred in the late ’90s. If we set aside the rumbling psychedelic rock influences of both decades, and the shift toward trendy or even more reactionary and radical affinities, there are huge differences between the two. But where does that leave the work of Francois Peglau and other throwback artists who groove along the waves of nostalgic sounds and catchy, pop-treading tendencies?

The quirkiness of this video (dir. by Tea Time Studio), and Sebastian Litmanovich‘s performance on the upcoming, full-length album Perfume, due out on Saturday, October 20th, are darling. The endearing qualities of that epoch are displayed in this premiere of “Cosas de la Vida Normal.” Somewhere between our longing for those druggy, hippie, casual sex, vocally rebellious youth culture driven days and our actual circumstance of over-commodified inauthenticity lays the answer to all of our questions. Maybe it’s in the contrast between the dull and the dance-crazed rapture presented here.

[insert-video youtube=zts4EoqV5PY]

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