Colombia is Getting its Own Lollapalooza in 2016

Lead Photo: Photo by Andres Virviescas / EyeEm
Photo by Andres Virviescas / EyeEm
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Lollapalooza continues to ride for Latin America. It was announced Wednesday that in 2016, the Chicago-born festival would be heading to Colombia, which will be the fourth Latin American country they’ll be hitting since 2011. According to a Lolla promoter, Colombia is a more appealing destination than Europe because of a less crowded festival schedule.

“Europe is obviously saturated. We look for super fast-growing, robust economies. There’s a press article every day about what’s happening in Colombia,” said Charlie Walker, a co-founder of festival promoter C3. “South America isn’t very crowded. And now the Lollapalooza brand is big enough that people know about it before we get there.” Unlike the other Latin America Lollas, Colombia’s will kick off in the fall because their Bogota partner, T310/Absent Papa, produces Estéreo Picnic in the spring.

We’ll be live-streaming Lolla Chicago all weekend long starting tomorrow. Check back in our music section for more.