Colombian Journalist asks "Preguntas Pendejas a Manu Chao"

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There’s this debate going on in the internet whether one of Colombia’s journalist Hollman Morris of Canal Capital asked some dumb-ass questions to the multilingual and influential singer-songwriter Manu Chao who recently returned to Colombia after six years. Radio journalist and blogger Félix Sant-Jordi who podcasts in RockMediante expresses his frustrations about watching the most “politically correct” interview with Manu Chao where the interviewer asked questions like “Qué piensas del agua?”,  “Cómo sería una ciudad más humana?”,  “Por que le agregas Avenida La Paz en Próxima Esperanza?” It was evident Morris lacked knowledge on his subject which made Chao’s background music more interesting than the actual interview. But we shouldn’t judge to harshly on the highly acclaimed journalist, Morris. Yet on the other hand, we are talking about MANU CHAO.  I’ll leave ya with Félix’s radio stream plus Morris’ video interview below. Let us know if you agree or disagree about these being “Preguntas Pendejas a Manu Chao.” Fun stuff.

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