In New Song, Colombian Rapper Yersey Tami Confesses to Murder

Lead Photo: Via Youtube
Via Youtube
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Colombian rapper Yersey Tami – who has been releasing music and battle rap videos for years – has now confessed to murder on his latest song.

Tami posted his latest song on Youtube, and added a message to the description of the video in which he further unpacked the song’s lyrics – in which he admited to murdering Camilo Castellanos Rangel over what he described as “passionate” reasons. His post read:

“Mi gente, this song is the last I’ll have for a long time. I wany you all to share it so the whole world can know that my son Luian is my son, not another person’s. Don’t let the media fool you, in this video I’ll confirm that this is my family, that these are my children, and no one can take them away except for God. I want people to know I murdered for love, to get my son and my family back. I want everyone who sees this video to know truth that my son and my daughter are mine and not some other guy’s. I love my loyal followers, I’m leaving for a long time but I won’t forget you. I hope you don’t forget me, I’ll have you all in my heart, mi gente.”

We’ll update this story as we learn more.

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