Concert Recap: Bunbury at Webster Hall

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A first-hand experience from the Bunbury show at Webster Hall December 8, 2004.

At first, there was just music…but not just any music……JAZZ…Enrique style-jazz. Then the band started playing big-top-jazz.–like the kind you hear in circus films.

Then comes out the stylishly wicked legendary Enrique Bunbury, dressed as a ring leader like a Nightmare Before Christmas Willy Wonka. His repetoire–backed by some trippy visuals–mixed a little bit of the new with the old. Enrique’s seductive performance, enjoyed by the diverse, yet predominantly Latino audience, turned the night into one of those moments when you know you are where you need to be.

During the encore, Enrique did his thing–playing some Heroes, followed by an intense “Sacame de Aqui” from his flamenco album. That did it for me–I died a little inside. If you have the opportunity, in this lifetime, to see that man perform you should.