Free MP3: ConEctor's "Tabakito de Maíz" (of Arteciopelados)

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The Aterciopelados couple have found a great formula to stick together after so many years. Every few years, they take a break from their joint project to explore their own personal muses and release solo albums. In 2006, right after Andrea Echeverri released her solo debut focused around the experience of motherhood and pregnancy, her partner Héctor Buitrago went on a deep shamanic trip to the jungles of Latin America and came back as ConEctor, a side of him rarely explored in Aterciopelados, focused on psychedelic tripping under the influence of pre-Columbian recipes.

Then they reunited and released a couple more albums together (Oye and Río) and after that, they took another well-deserved break. This time around, Andrea released a second solo album with songs for kids (babies are growing up) while Héctor went back to the jungle for an even deeper exploration of the altered states of consciousness and the old American aboriginal traditions in the recently released Conector 2.

Here’s “Tabakito de Maiz” a free track from Conector 2, recorded with the collaboration of the Chicana Activist group In Lak Ech, one of the many guests included in this project. Following that same line of its predecessor (albeit without the famous cameos of the likes of Julieta Venegas or Andrea Echeverri) Conector 2 is an album that defies easy classification since it’s more of an experience that requires full immersion (with or without the help of psychoactive substances) than a simple collection of songs.