Contest: Who Will Go To Austin? YOU DECIDE!

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Last month, we teamed up with Cricket Wireless and Muve Music for a contest to choose one lucky person to attend the big festival in Austin as a bonafide music journalist (it’s as glamorous as it sounds!!). Many entered and, naturally, only one can win but we need your help in selecting the lucky person.

The contest is down to three finalists who are all locos about latin alternative music as much as we are. Head over to MiCricket on facebook and vote for mixtape aficionado Cynthia, Zoe fanatic Jesus, or tribal guarachero cultural anthropologist Gabriela. Don’t forget to check out their playlists too. The lucky winner will go to Austin, Texas as a representative for Muve Music. “Choose wisely,” as the old knight said in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.