Free MP3: Corvin Baez' "Hazme el Amor"

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Nacotheque’s DJ (and Remezcla‘s poster-boy, according to my editor), Marcelo C, also creates his own musical productions under the name Corvin Baez. His repertoire covers many different genres and styles. In this particular case he goes for a sexy psychedelic ñu-cumbia track inspired by the best movie ever shot: Ilsa, Harem Keeper Of The Oil Sheiks. That is, of course, if your definition of best movie ever includes mandatory gratuitous nudity, girl-on-girl fights, Nazi paraphernalia and extended torture sessions with ketchup-blood. That’s my definition, at least. Hey! Don’t judge, I’m the proud owner of a perverted brain with a retro fetish and I know I’m not the only one out there. Are you with me? Anybody? OK, maybe it’s just me… and Marcelo.

“Pretty girl, make love to me” is heard in chopped, distorted, vocals done by the same Marcelo, who wrote, produced and recorded the track all by himself. And one can very well deduce that he’s impersonating the relentless dominatrix imparting one of her merciless indoctrination sessions to a young new acquisition of the Sheik’s harem.

Now following the examples of yesterday’s Empresarios‘ lucha libre bootleg video, I want somebody to make a video mashing up Marcelo’s song with this trailer (attention, definitely NSFW). Any volunteers? OK, I’ll do it myself, what the hell you guys make me feel like I’m the only pervert on the whole internet!