Cromo X Makes His Debut as Executive Producer on ‘La Para’ Alongside Bryant Myers & La Insuperable

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In collaboration with Dominican songstress La Insuperable, Puerto Rican rapper Bryant Myers, and The Best Sounds (a collective of Miami-based Colombian producers), Cromo X is determined to unite the various cultures under the Latinx umbrella with “La Para.” The track is also the Dominican producer’s debut as executive producer.

“Para” means the “top” or “flyest” in Dominican jargon. Serving as a worship track to women, the producer created the song on the glamourization in femininity to oppose the denigrated themes often found in music. “I think that a song was needed where women were praised, a song that could be dedicated to women in these moments where machismo predominates a lot and more in the urban genre,” stated Cromo X in his press release.

From the inception of the writing process, Cromo X knew that the track would have a male and woman vocalist. “I was working on Bryant’s album when I introduced the song, and he loved it. I proposed to him the idea of ​​doing it together with La Insuperable since They are two of the artists with whom I have the best chemistry in the studio, explained Cromo in a press release,” said Cromo.

Directed by creative mogul Raymi Paulus, the video’s zebra print aesthetic leads the glam, high fashion recurring theme throughout the song. Illustrating a printed limousine taking over Santo Domingo streets, an airbrushed pole dancer and a lit bodega scene centering La Mami del Swagger (La Insuperable). Upon releasing this track, Cromo will continue to push his project MVP X, a creative house for producers and composers.