CrowdFund: Help Alegría Rampante Make Their Debut Se Nos Fue La Mano

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After mourning the breakup of his Puerto Rican indie band, Superaquello, it wasn’t long before frontman Eduardo Alegría was scheming up a new musical project. The world has slowly been introduced to Alegría Rampante through music videos, singles and live performances at Hotel Puercoespín, a conceptual pop-up space housed within Santurce’s popular indie venue La Respuesta.

A mix of theatrics, live music, storytelling and–to put it broadly — performance art, Eduardo Alegría shares his views on human sexuality, Puerto Rico, and our ever-changing culture through Alegría Rampante’s diverse sounds. He promises not one song is like the other– hoping to take you on a journey that will have you crying, laughing and dancing all at the same time. With musicians collaborating such as Arturo Vergés (Calle 13), Beto Torres (La Quilombera) and Gabriel Beauchamp (Orquesta Macabeo), to name just a few, visuals are being provided by fellow Puerto Rican artist, Omar Banuchi. To help fund this project, visit their IndieGoGo page where goodies go from social media shout-outs and signed posters to t-shirts and private acoustic sessions from Alegría Rampante themselves. Check out the video for their fourth single La Iguana En La Ventana” below.

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