CSS new album: La Liberación (listen)

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It seems like only yesterday that Brazilian dance-rock group Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS for short, or for people who hate writing words out) burst onto the scene and into our hearts with a little ditty known as “Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above.” Fans from all over the world shook their collective butts to sings about love, music, love of music, music about love, and so on.

Years later (meaning now!), the quintet continues to move our feet with their third album, La Liberación, out on stores tomorrow, August 23. What, you ask, are they liberating us from? Our guess would be ennui and that terrible work syndrome known as “secretary ass.” Lovefoxxx and company retain every ounce of energy they had from day one throughout album numero tres with songs like “Hits Me Like A Rock,” “Echo Of Love” and the title track (listen below) — a Spanish punk song. There are lots of surprises sprinkled throughout (guest vocals by Bobby Gillespie, Spanish guitar) that keep the momentum going. Pick this one up tomorrow and liberate your ears.

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