Lo Mejor de Cuba! Top 10 Cubarticles

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Throughout the beginnings of Remezcla until today, we’ve featured a great chunk of articles that highlight Cuba in its different dimensions (politically, musically, culturally, etc.). Due to Cuba Independence Day among us, we wanna shine light to some of our favorite Cuba articles (or Cubarticles?). You’ll find some Cuba free mixtapes, how to order food at a Cuban bodega, an in-depth look at Cuba’s punk scene, Cuban artists profiles, and so on. But the real question is, is Cuba really independent? We’d love to hear your thoughts thoughts on the comment board below. Coo-bah!


8 Latin Punk Artists Get Together To “Free Cuba Now”!

Founder of Punk Outlaw compiled a great compilation Punktology Vol. 1, Free Cuba Now which features 16 indie and hardcore punk tracks all shouting for the same mission, to Free Cuba Now! If you wanna know the full deetz for the reason of this release, skip down to #2 and find out.


Beatlemania hits la Habana

The New York Times lets us know about a brand new Havana bar, The Yellow Submarine, that’s bringing Cubans the British invasion decades later.


Your Mix Fix: Gilles Peterson

British DJ, producer and curator Gilles Peterson has been hoarding some of the best new Cuban music for a while now and amassed quite an impressive collection.


A Non-Cuban’s Guide to Ordering Breakfast
at a Cuban Bodega

Ric Delgado teaches you how to order breakfast at a Cuban bodega in Miami without looking like an asshole.


Borderline Latin: Calle Real, Cuban Timba from Sweden

Our author of Remezcla‘s Borderline Latin column found this Swedish band who plays Cuban timba. Yep, of all places, Sweden! It’s not necessarily from Cuba, but it’s still good stuff to listen too.


Highlights from Fidel Castro’s Essay

Early this year, Fidel Castro published a piece on the web that, among other things, made fun of the Republican presidential candidates. Here are the most important.


Meet Danay Suárez: The New Queen of Hip-Hop

Even thought this Cuban hip hop rhymer dropped the video featured over a year ago, Danay Suárez is among the best rap artists of today, and not many come around too often.


Che Guevara For Dummies

You can find Che Guevara’s face stamped over virtually any commercial item imaginable, even a comic book. We’ll give ya a tip, if you are not a Che whiz, and you want a fast, easy read to understand the basics of his life you can either read the featured Che: A Graphic Biography or just type “Che Guevara” on Youtube.


Cuba…Land of Los Freakies

Have you ever questioned how the Cuban Punk scene is? Cuba being a communist country and punk embodying an anarchist ideology. Punk Outlaw digs deep in these dichotomies.


Cuban Independence Day Explained

While the date is a cause for celebration, the nation was effectively hamstrung by the cruel irony of independence without freedom. Cuban Independence? Explained here!