Cultura Profetica releases new album: "La Dulzura"

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Boricua reggae masters Cultura Profetica has a sixth album already on the streets titled La Dulzura. Available online starting today, August 24th, (although the first single “La Complicidad” has been out for a couple of weeks and is on rotation in PR’s radios), La Dulzura, as you might infer by the title, is pretty much centered around the art of sweet love making.

The first half of Cultura Profetica’s new album mainly consist of sultry love songs with mellow melodies and plenty of sensual metaphors (“En La Oscuridad“). The whole politically-conscious-pacifist-ecologist posture dominant in previous works is still subtly present, but the corny romantic side of the band commanded by Willy Rodríguez apparently took over for this new opus.

For the last stretch of the album they allow themselves to stray away from the restricted reggae roots format and indulge in some bolero (“Me Faltabas Tu“) and even some tango (“Del Tope Al Fondo“). Things get even more interesting by the end when in “Verso TersoCultura Profetica confronts the reggaeton-ruled music market of the island and talk about the pressures they have to resist from an industry that wants more “mueve mueve.” Good for them.