Video: Cumbia Cosmonauts – "Our Journey To The Moon (And Back)"

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If cumbia could travel safely all the way from Barranquilla, Colombia to Melbourne, Australia, I don’t think taking its next evolutionary step to the moon is too much of a stretch of the imagination. After all, Colombian cumbia hall-of-famer Lisandro Meza had already claimed that he was going to the moon back in the day.

Australian ñu-cumbia sole champions, Cumbia Cosmonauts had been floating around the interstellar blogosphere for quite a while now and after a series of digital singles and EPs they’ve just released their debut album, Tropical Bass Station, on the German label Chusma Records. Yes, cumbia is not any more the exclusive turf of Latinos and if we keep going like this, soon earthlings will be competing for the galactic control over cumbia with alien lifeforms.

The album includes collaborations with Brazilian baile funk star Daize Tigrona, an Ugandan rapper named MC Tshila, and a dope remix by Argentine-by-the-way-of-the-Netherlands Makina, just to keep things very international, you know. Oh, and to make this debut really official, it was also pressed on limited edition vinyl!

[insert-video youtube=ETP5vreBBoQ]

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