Cut Chemist Goes Hippie And Gets Rid Of All His Vinyl Collection

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UPDATE: ¬†We fell for it. This was of course an April Fools’ Day prank. Shame on us.

Cut Chemist is one of the most respected and influential turntablists and record collectors (a.k.a. diggers) of our times. Mostly known in the hip-hop world because of his work with Los Angeles’ underground legends Jurassic 5, he should also be well known by fans of Latin alternative music as the original DJ of Ozomatli (remember Ozo’s funkiest tune on their debut album?)

Well, just today it was announced on Amoeba’s blog that he would be getting rid of all his humongous record collection to be sold as used records at the Hollywood branch of that store. This includes many ultra-rare pieces of vinyl, expensive first editions and even one-of-a-kind test pressings. Knowing the Chemist’s love for Afro-Latin music and his documented trips to South America in search of precious obscure wax, avid collectors can also expect to find some amazing cumbias and Brazilian sambas in there too.

The reason behind this sudden detachment? He went all hippie, started eating raw food and juicing vegetables and decided to get rid of his material possessions. Now the question remains, how long did it take him to transfer all that music to MP3? And more importantly: how soon can I find a plane ticket to LA today?