Video: Cut Your Hair – "Utah In Pictures"

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Oh no. Not another pouty-lipped, shaggy-haired, incoherent lyric-spouting band of beautiful boys to steal my heart away. Whatever will I do? I have to say the shoegaze-ish inaudibility in Mushroom Pillow‘s video for Cut Your Hair. The song itself, “Utah in Pictures” (which we featured the demo back in June of last year) is a pleasant balance of sunshine melodies, lyrical vagueness and winding riffs. The video itself is a sensual, triage of friends. The tensions seeming to edge on bisexual fantasies. Sandwiches and threesomes aside, the prevalence of the chorus, “They just kicked me out of paradise,” makes the irreverent innocence behind the clip all the more intriguing. One could reference Y Tu Mama También and of course The Dreamers and other bi-guy loveliness revolving around a singular, sensational woman, but why bother. This video’s enough of tease.

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