Cyndi Lauper sings for Buenos Aires Airport

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Forget the PS22 Choir, Cyndi Lauper’s onto something here. During massive delays over the weekend at the Buenos Aires airport, the legend, the myth, the aura of Cyndi Lauper took to the PA system and belted out her classic “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” in an effort to distract and calm pissed-off passengers. And it worked. And so the power of music once again, time after time (see what I did there?), heals all (and once again, it’s at an airport). It’s great to see Cyndi, who in this video never takes her shades off, huddled by the geeked-out Argentina crowd, all singing along to the perennial tune. Even the men. Even the men.

Also nice to know that Cyndi Lauper’s age ol’ adage of frivolity transcends the English language. Watch her and her sunglasses profess it at an airport below.